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Monday, August 20, 2012

She stayed on my mind and rested on my heart - Part II

The angel that had soothe my spirit with her singing left me mesmerized. I had honestly forgotten that I was at the service in North Carolina, USA to introduce my ministry, Dare 2 Be Different International (www.d2bdifferent.com) and solicit help and support to build our Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre.

I had only realized when the Pastor called my name for a second time. "Let's Welcome Brother Khrystus Wallace from Dare 2 Be Different International in St. Kitts -  - Khrystus Wallace."

As I walked to the pulpit to present, I was hoping and wishing that I made no mistake for it would surely turn the young lady who stunned me - off. My wish didn't come through, she had captured me indeed and I fumbled on the first few words of my speech before I started flowing in the presentation.

When I was completing it, I looked over at where she was sitting and she was smiling away and whispering to a girl friend of hers it seemed. By the time I was finished, her applause was among the loudest and she joined those who gave me a standing ovation for my vision for Caribbean and Kenyan (www.daretobedifferentkenya.com) youth.

I wondered for a bit, was this another heaven sent plan? It was Brother Bob that invited me to North Carolina, yes the same Brother Bob that had led me to Christ some sixteen (16) years ago. Was I going to finally meet my God's Sent partner?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

And She Immediately Caught My Attention - Part I

I would never forget that Sunday evening at church. Her singing grasped my attention and her beauty arrested my heart. She was truly singing unto the Lord and it certainly wasn't self. She lifted her right hand as she sang and praised God periodically. She seldom looked at her audience. I could have seen that she didn't want any of the glory, she was giving it all to God.

When this fine young, beautiful lady was finished and made her way down from the church's stage, she looked my way and smiled. I was awed and taken back. I was really appreciative that she gave me a split second of attention. I wanted the service to end in the next minute so I could introduce my self.